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From: Glenn Booma <[log in to unmask]>
Date: 8 February 2018 at 14:28
Subject: Grant Opportunities

Title:  Summer or Fall Term Paid Opportunities in the Grant

This summer and fall there are several opportunities to join ongoing
research efforts or conduct your own project in the College Grant.  These
are funded opportunities that pay a stipend and offer free housing in the
Grant at the Town Office research cabin (wood stove heat, solar electric
supply, internet access and running water generally available dependent on

If you are interested in freshwater ecology or fisheries, the Young Trout
Young Science collaboration between Dartmouth, Trout Unlimited and NH Fish
and Game has multiple openings for paid interns/technicians ($1,800-$2,100
per month depending on experience).  More information is available here:

Students wishing to design their own project can take advantage of the
Grant Summer Internship offered by the Woodlands Office, which offers a
stipend of $3,500.  These projects can be at the individual student's
discretion, and might include (but are not limited to) scientific research,
the visual arts or writing.

The deadline for these opportunities is February 28 (Young Trout Young
Science) and March 3 (Woodlands Summer Internships).

If you would like more details on these opportunities, please contact:
Keith Fritschie, PhD candidate in Ecology, Evolution, Ecosystems, and
Society:  [log in to unmask]
Glenn Booma, Second College Grant Fish and Wildlife Committee:
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Tim McNamara, Associate Director of Campus Services:
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