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On Wed, 19 Jun 2002, LLTI-Editor wrote:
>David wrote:
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> Somewhat short of using neon colors, but a very simple to implement
> solution, assuming you are already using cables and locks for the rest of
> the equipment in a study carrel, is to select a plain washer from the
> hardware store. The central hole must be small enough that the headphone
> jack cannot slip through the washer, but the hole must be large enough
> that you can push a loop of the headset cable through the hole. Then, just
> run your security cable through the loop pushed through on the other side
> of the washer.

Another foolproof way besides David's loop and LeeAnn's neon spray paint
is to put stickers on each headset that say "This headset only works with
classical music."
The headsets will never disappear.
(And some people will actually believe the stickers!)

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