The Enfield listserv* -- An email discussion forum for Enfield.


Statement of Purpose


The Enfield listserv is a public forum to post notices, seek and disseminate general and consumer information, and in general discuss topics of interest specific to residents of the Enfield, NH community. The Enfield listserv is not set up by the Town of Enfield’s government and is not related to the town’s official website, although Town officials and departments may post informational notices on the Enfield listserv from time to time. 


The Enfield listserv has been “unmoderated” since its birth in 2009, which means that all postings emailed to ENFIELD@LISTSERV.DARTMOUTH.EDU address (uppercase not required: is OK) are sent immediately to all current Enfield listserv subscribers.

  The formal name of the online discussion forum is "The Enfield listserv," though it is most often referred to by its informal, popular name, "The Enfield List."


Posting Guidelines


Subscribers may post to the list (that is, send email to the full subscriber list) by sending email to .    You may subscribe to the listserv by sending email to with ONLY the contents:  SUB ENFIELD your name.  To terminate your subscription to the Enfield listserv, using the mail address from which you are subscribed, send email to with command:    SIGNOFF ENFIELD   In the body of the mail. Please restrict content to postings about Enfield: the topic need not be unique to Enfield, but it should be specific to Enfield, and Enfield listserv subscribers are requested to observe this simple constraint.


The goal of the Enfield listserv is to help increase our sense of community and neighborhood within Enfield and Enfield Center, by rapid, free, easily accessed communication among residents, such as these:

·     Announcements of community events open to the public

·     Invitations to concerts, plays, informal gatherings, community dinners, and similar event postings

·     Announcements by town organizations

·     Weather cancellations of town, school, or community events

·     Items for sale or wanted by Enfield residents

·     Rides sought or offered

·     Living spaces coming up for rent, or sought

·     A lost or found pet notice, or a potentially dangerous wildlife observation

·     Discussion of legislation in Concord or Washington seems OK if it addresses a Enfield issue directly.

If in doubt about whether your topic is appropriate for the Enfield listserv, ask Is it “Of Enfield, for Enfield, by Enfield”? If there are other online forums, email lists, newsgroups, or blogs that address your issue, the topic is likely better addressed there, so the Enfield listserv can focus on Enfield.


A few examples of “Not OK” posts:

·    Announcement of events in other towns, unless there is a Enfield connection such as significant involvement of Lymies, or an event of likely or known high interest to Enfield residents.

·    Discussion of county, state, or national politics, unless in the context of a Town Meeting warrant article.

·    Forwarding content of emails or web sites that are not specifically related to Enfield is absolutely not OK.

Civility Rules!


No abusive or threatening postings will be allowed. Each Enfield listserv posting must be civil and respectful to all persons. Anyone who violates the Enfield listserv’s concept of civility will be warned by the moderator – yes, there IS one – and may risk having posting privileges revoked after a repetition. If the first incident seems a serious enough threat to the integrity of the Enfield listserv, the subscriber’s posting privilege may be revoked immediately.


Because the Enfield listserv was established solely for the information and convenience of our Enfield community, occasional business announcements are OK, such as a new business in town, an employment offer in Enfield, a “special” from a Enfield business, information about a business service offered in conjunction with a public event, a one-time listing about baby-, pet-, or house-sitting by a Enfield resident, and the like. No business, small or large, may use the Enfield listserv for ongoing business promotion.


The Enfield listserv centers on issues and events directly affecting Enfield. While anyone is welcome to subscribe to and read Enfield listserv postings, subscribers should note that only Enfield residents, representatives of town government, and representatives of organizations and businesses located in Enfield, may submit a post. While the market that Enfield residents represent may be eagerly sought by businesses and events promoters in other towns, the Enfield listserv is not a venue for postings about Upper Valley commerce or events by non-residents, and Enfield residents are asked not to post items for non-residents.


Some helpful “Netiquette” – suggestions compiled from several online sources:

·    Subject line:  For each new post, enter a short “Subject” line to help readers see your topic at a glance. If you are replying to a post, keep the same Subject line as the original post contained.  If you receive your Enfield listserv postings in the optional “Digest” format, write a new Subject line; do not show “Re: ENFIELD Digest - 2 Feb 2009 to 3 Feb 2009 (#2009-57)” as the Subject of your reply.

·    “Snipping, or quoting”:  When replying to a post, it is helpful for those reading your reply if you “snip” – means the same as “quote” – a few lines from the original post in order to remind or clue readers in, about what your reply is about.
    Here is a suggestion posted back in October 1995:  “When you are replying to a message or a posting, be sure you summarize the original at the top of your reply, and include just enough of the original to give a context. This will make sure readers understand when they start to read your response.
    It is sometimes possible to read a response before seeing the original. Giving context helps everyone, but do not include the entire original!”
    See Wikipedia on the topic of Netiquette.

·    Attachments, or enclosures:  Do not include them when posting to the Enfield listserv. Subscribers to this list use a huge variety of different email software, and many cannot handle attachments.  If a photo or other attachment is important to your post, ask people who want the photo to contact you directly, and send the photo directly to those who request it.

·    Your signature:  Keep your signature short – your name is enough. Do not use a multi-line automatic signature (nickname, full name, address, phone, fax, literary quotation, or any boilerplate disclaimers such as a Notice of Confidentiality, or Tax Liability Statement.

·    Privacy:  It is inappropriate to post the content of any private correspondence to or from a list member without the permission of each correspondent involved.

The archives of this list are available through the web.  However to access these archives you must be a subscriber to the list and have established a password on the listserv.  To establish a password,  send email to with the following in the body of the email:      PW ADD somepassword      where "somepassword" is a password of your choice. Please omit the quotation marks.   The listserv software will reply with a confirmation email to the address from which you made the password request.  The confirmation will contain a web link from which you complete the password addition.  Once you have a password, when you connect to the archives  you will be prompted for your full email address and the password you have set.  These are stored in a cookie on your computer so you need not enter them on each visit to the archives.



David Avery

Listserv Postmaster &

Enfield Resident since 1985